Together with Wald & Schwert
we created
a colourful, interactive
world of illustrations for Red Bull

Together with Wald & Schwert
we created
a colourful, interactive
world of illustrations
for Red Bull

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For promoting the Red Bull Editions in different countries, Red Bull chose illustrators that were supposed to create a digital hidden-picture puzzle.

The time between the briefing and the submission was only two weeks which required a proper coordination and planning. We first looked up the best known Austrian land marks and characters and illustrated them one by one.

We then combined these illustrations in a large digital poster and added some small cans from the Red Bull Editions to bring in more variety for the website users who needed to search for the three cans to win a complete Red Bull Editions Package.

Client: Red Bull
Illustration: Simon Lemmerer, Wald & Schwert
Art Direction: Simon Lemmerer, Wald & Schwert
Programming: Rehabstudio London

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Client: Red Bull
Art Direction & Illustration: Simon Lemmerer & Wald und Schwert

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